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"Design is all around us. It is in everything we use, and great design should always be sought after."

    InVision Interiors & Designs was started in 2019 as an interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial design. We work directly with homeowners and business owners in determining the extent of the scope of work that is required. We will come up with effective design solutions that are geared towards achieving the customer's goals and objectives. Our mission is to create a design that protects the health, safety, and general welfare of its occupants. 


     Lace has found her passion with helping people turn their houses into homes. Designing spaces that fit everyone's individual lifestyle so that families can create memories that last a lifetime is what drives her most. People should not have to change the way they live to fit their space, but change their space to fit the way they live.

Head Designer: Lace Breeding


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