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Our Process for Your Project

Step 1: Initial Design Consultation: 


          InVision Interiors & Designs will host a 1 hour meeting between our Interior Designer and the customer at the location where the project is transpiring. Design problems and solutions will be discussed in an open manner. The need for a installer for the project will be determined during this phase. InVision Interiors & Designs can provide an installer if the customer requests.

        When the customer wants to move forward with getting a design proposed, we would move to the next phase:  Initial Design Proposal.

Step 2: Initial Design Proposal: 

     InVision Interiors & Designs will take everything that was discussed during the initial design consultation and come up with an estimated proposal for the project. This proposal will include design fees, estimated pricing for product, and possible color schemes and inspiration photos in the form of a mood board. If the customer wishes to include labor with this proposal, a contractor will need to inspect the job site in order to quote labor costs. 

        When the customer wants to move forward with finalizing the design, they will sign a contract and we would carry on to the final step:  Design Plan Execution.

Step 3: Design Plan Execution

This step has two different options depending on if the customer hired us on an hourly basis or project basis.. 

Option 1: Hourly Basis


        InVision Interiors & Designs will help with selecting product, determining product pricing, and creating a material list for the desired design. Our designer will be able to meet with the customer at various locations in order to make product selections that best suit the design and still stay in the budget. This process is hands on with the customer in finding the solutions that best fit their needs and wants. 

Option 2: Project Basis


        InVision Interiors & Designs will help with selecting product, determining product pricing, creating a material list, and creating a    3-D model of your space. We will also help with every step of the installation from the beginning to the completion of the project. We will oversee all aspects of the project from filing change orders, filing work orders, inspection of products, re-orders of damaged product, and being present for necessary inspections. This process is even more hands on. We will work with the customer to try and make the installation of the project as easy on them as possible. 

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