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Why Hire An Interior Designer?


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There are many things that make up a functioning relationship: trust, honesty, aesthetics, and money to just name a few. This is true for any relationship that you have in your life, and it is no different than the one you should have with your Interior Designer. 

          The National Council for Interior Design Qualification states that "Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive."

Having your project managed by a talented and trained professional will make your life easier as well as...


  • They will save you money.

    • Interior Designers will be able to help you plan and coordinate your project, so that any hiccups along the way that may cause unnecessary expenses or delays can be discussed ahead of time. Unexpected expenses, such as water damage, mold, inspections, and other things can back up a timeline for a project quickly, but a designer will be able to talk with you in the beginning about these things so that they can be planned around. 

  • They have a trained eye.

    • Interior Designers are trained to know different elements of design like scale, texture, size, colour, and proportion, as well as how to combine these things properly to get the most functionalist and efficiency out of your space. 

  • They'll help your plan and budget.

    • Everyone has a goal/budget for how much they want to spend on any given project. Knowing how to split up that money into the different aspects of a project is much harder to do. An Interior Designer will know what percentage of the budget should be taken up by each portion or stage of the project. They will also know the tricks of the trade to get you to your dream vision without compromising your budget.

  • They save your time.

    • Doing an interior project takes up more time than you might realize. Between making product selections, ordering those selections, getting them delivered and then finding out they didn't look like the picture, returning them, and finding other materials; there isn't much time for anything else. An Interior Designer can bring samples to your home for you to review, saving you time from searching yourself.

    • Also, as we all know, there are hundreds of thousands of different options out there for every product. That amount of selections can be overwhelming. An Interior Designer will be able to streamline those options for ones that only work best for YOUR design so you can pick from the cream of the crop. 

  • They know others in the industry.

    • From knowing retailers, to manufacturers, contractors, and realtors (if you are renovating to sell), Interior Designers work closely with other professionals daily so that you can rest easy knowing they are building a talented team that supports the dream you have created for your project. 

  • They are good at liaising.

    • Interior Designers also turn into Project Managers. Architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, delivery personnel, and homeowners all need to be on the same page when a project is underway. This is vital to the success of the project. The Interior Designer will be able to take this task off of your hands and handle the coordination of everything coming together. 

  • They increase value of your home.

    • Most homeowners want to make sure that they will see as much return on their money as possible. An Interior Designer will be able to dissect every aspect of the design to ensure every penny goes as far as it possibly can. From adding intimate personal touches that bring your personality to life, to determining how the room will be viewed by future buyer. There is a healthy balance that the designer will find. 

  • They know all the top trends.

    • Interior Designers generally are in the "know" of industry developments, new and improved products, and what is trending. They can digest all this knowledge and bring it to life in the projects that they do. Exposing their clients to ideas or product that they never thought possible. 

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